The construction industry-proven online induction solution.

Willmott Dixon


Replacing Willmott Dixon's former site inductions, Pre Enrolment has been rolled out across all of their sites since January 2015.

It is used by over 165,000 of their people and supply chain labour to ensure they are ready for work on site.


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live across all sites


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"Without doubt, this solution has been the most successful and beneficial IT project we have ever embarked on."

- Steve George, Regional Safety Principal - Willmott Dixon


How Pre Enrolment was developed.

Improved Induction Process

The All Safe culture, which helps to embody Willmott Dixon's Health and Safety best practice, is at the forefront of the company's day-to-day operations. For many working on a Willmott Dixon site, the mandatory health and safety site induction is their first experience of this culture. 

In 2014, Willmott Dixon approached Colonel Duck Productions to help improve the on site induction process. At the time, presentations were delivered by members of the site team (sometimes more than once a day). In order to ensure that the information given to workers on site was consistent, the idea of creating a series of induction videos was proposed.

Working together with Willmott Dixon's health and safety team, we helped to breakdown and evaluate the on site process. In addition to the health and safety presentation, which was delivered to every new starter on the site, workers were also required to fill in a significant amount of paperwork as part of the induction. This requirement for a worker to complete paperwork, as well as sit through a health and safety induction, is common practice across the construction sector. It was here that an opportunity to develop a industry-changing solution was identified.


Digital revolution

Building on the initial objective of creating a series of engaging health and safety videos, the opportunity to improve the experience even further, and save time for all on site, was seized upon. Thus began the creation of a web application where all workers on site could securely enter their details, as well as view all of the health, safety and environmental information they would require on site. This application was called 'Pre Enrolment'.

First trialled across the West Midland's region, the application was used by workers and site teams. Feedback was collected and used to iterate and improve the solution.

New additions included the ability for users to:

  • store additional qualifications, in addition to their CITB Skills Card

  • tailor their induction to their specific job role on site

  • verify they had understood the information in the videos from a wider selection of multiple choice questions


Evolving into an Access System

Willmott Dixon's Pre Enrolment system created a database of all personnel working on every site across the country. With this foundation, we continued to work with Willmott Dixon to realise the potential of their induction solution.

Combining this information with sign-in and sign-out information, collected through biometric turnstiles, would provide Willmott Dixon with a live picture of the operations across all of their sites. As a consequence, Pre Enrolment was evolved into an Access System: the Pre Enrolment Access System (PEAS). 

PEAS helps to make sites even safer by only allowing those with a valid Pre Enrolment onto site. It also saves more time for site teams, helping to collate information for KPIs and displaying them in a useful format for reporting.