The construction industry-proven online induction solution.

Robertson Group


Developed on one of Robertson Construction's flagship projects, the MyRobertson system has already helped to make significant savings for the company.

The system is a crucial first step in digitising Scotland's biggest principal contractor, and help them achieve their community and environmental goals.


Key Features


Administrator controls to approve workers to the site


Share site specific information to workers and visitors


Create and edit site deliveries


"The time management benefit alone [of the system] would be in excess of the cost"

- Mhairi-ann MacLellan , Senior Project Manager - Robertson Construction


How MyRobertson was developed.

Building on success

With the operational success of Pre Enrolment known across the industry, one operations manager at Robertson saw an opportunity for his upcoming site. Delivered through the SCAPE framework, the site's KPI reporting require a significant amount of data to be collected and processed. 

Working with the project team, we developed an approach for collecting the needs and requirements from across the company. This provided the information required to iterate and evolve the Pre Enrolment system to meet the objectives of Robertson Group.

The system has been utilised by the project team to greatly improve the efficiency of the induction and reporting process for the site.


adding value

With the template system forming a solid foundation for Robertson's system, we began discussing how else the solution could add even more value.

Feedback from project teams indicated some of the problems they currently face using other products, which are not able to cater for their specific needs and requirements. Working to collate and analyse the feedback from users, plans for a delivery management function were drawn up. These new features would allow accurate scheduling of deliveries, communicate relevant site-specific information for drivers, as well as verify the material and safety requirements for each delivery.

As a result of the approach taken, introducing the Pre Enrolment system and evolving, has helped to manage the introduction of the new system and deliver immediate everyday value for the business.